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  Vacuum Sealing Machine
VMA420 Fully Automatic
Continuous Thermoforming Machine
Continuous Model
  • Most of parts are made from aluminum or stainless steel, meet GMP/QS.
  • The good appliances can make sure the stability of running in long time. The international famous brand appliances are used in control system, servo driving system and electrical system.
  • Adopt registering device and make sure the pattern in right position. The automatic inkjet, code printing system can be adopted.
  • Transaction uses generating method, and the finished product is perfect.
  • The machine uses the structure in Germen. The feeding is easy and installation is convenient.
Model VMA420
Power supply 三相, 380VAc
Vacuum Density -0.1MPa
Up-film width 393mm
Down-film width 423mm
Packing speed 1-6times/min
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Machine Size 6400 x 1070 x 1765mm
Machine Weight 约1.9吨(包括真空泵)