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  Vacuum Sealing Machine
DZQ-600L Vacuum Gas-Filling Sealing Machine
External Vacuum Model
  • The well-found function could meet different packing requirements, just for sealing, for charging, for vacuum packing, for charging inter gas after vacuum pumping.
  • Adopt the automatic procedure control, gasping, charging, sealing, mark letter, cooling etc, procedure automatically.
  • Adopt the double charging mouth with no vacuum chamber system. the package will be drop out from the charging mouth automatically after gasping(charging), perfect sealing performance, adjustable speed and high working efficiency.
  • Adjustable times on the gasping, charging and hot sealing, thus it is used for sealing all kinds of film and complex films.
Model DZQ-600L DZQ-600L/S
Power supply AC380V 50Hz
Hot sealing power 500W 600-1000W
Vacuum pump power 750W 750W
Sealing-bar size L: 600mm x W: 8mm, 10mm
Vacuum pump stroke volume 20m³/h 20m³/h
Film thickness (single) ⋜0.10mm ⋜0.18mm
Machine Size 800 x 900 x 1700mm
Machine Weight 240kg 280kg
Option Size: 800mm, 1000mm