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  Vacuum Sealing Machine
DZ1000C/1200C Continuous Vacuum Sealing Machine
  • This machine is modern auto-packing machine controlled by computer. The packaging material is compound film, such as: polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and aluminum foil. The bag is packaged under the vacuum situation, which are preserved under state of vacuum without oxygen. So the products can anti-oxidize and anti-corrode to extend the time limit of preservation.
  • This machine apply to pack meat, medicine, spice, candy, drink, vegetable, fruit, victualage, legume, foodstuff, chemical material, electronic component, hardware, etc.
  • This machine is easy for operation, stable run, low noise, high efficiency, convenient maintenance and nicely structure.
Model DZ-1000C DZ-1200C
Power Supply 3phase 4 lines 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz
Vacuum density ⋜-0.00094MPa
Vacuum capacity 1000 x 350 x 60m³/m 1200 x 460 x 100m³/m
Sealing-bar size 1000 x 8mm 1200 x 8mm
Packing speed 6times/min
Bleed air frequency 250m³/h 250m³/h
Machine size 1740 x 1360 x 1300mm 1852 x 1480 x 1360mm
Machine weight About 500kg About 600kg