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  Vertical Packaging Machine
DXDP50E Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine
Apply to Automatic packaging in the business of Food, Pharmaceutical, etc. for materials with circular plate shape, the ball shape sugar-coated tablets, tablets, chocolate beans and sugar balls.

Volume Method:
Plate hole. Finish the high-precision filling through the multi-adjustable vibration with adjustable amplitude.

Digital control, Frequency control system, Electric knife technology.

DXDP50IIE: Pillow type
DXDP50F: PLC Control
Model DXDP50E
Packaging speed (bag/min) 40-60
(To be confirmed by the packaging material and the packaging size)
Volume Range (ml) 1-50 (∮5-∮12)
Bag Size (mm) (L):40-120mm (W):35-85mm
Sealing Model 3-side sealing, 4-side sealing/straight stripe,
straight reticulation, diagonal reticulation
Cutting Type Plain cut, Saw cut, False line (Saw) with continuous length cut
Max Power (KW) 1.15
Power Voltage (V) 220
Net Weight (Kg) 195
Outer Packing Size (mm) 600(L) x 760 (W) x 1650(H)
Packaging Materials Paper/PE, transparent paper/PE,
Al Foil/PE, PET/PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE and So on