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  Vertical Packaging Machine
DXDK200 Automatic Grain Packaging Machine
1. Touch screen control system make the operation easier and more accurate;

2. Digital weight adjustment system which can change the packaging weight easily in the touch screen, make the weight adjustment more convenient and improve the weight precision;

3. The frequency control system brings the advantages of high packing speed ,lower noise, stable performance and greatly improves the production efficiency;

4. The intelligent warning system help the customer get the error information in first time such as paper-lacking, material-lacking, temperature error and safe-door open, that effectively reduces the maintenance time and cost;

5. Can finish the work of 1 sachet 1 cut or “N” sachets 1 cut according to customer’s requirement. Meanwhile dotted line cut and the fixed length continuous cut can be finished with 1 Knife which greatly lower the adjustment difficulty and the maintenance cost;

6.The recipe management system is easily operated and could save all data in the PLC system then only put one key to work when change the new material.
Model DXDK200
Packaging speed (bag/min) 30-50
(To be confirmed by the packaging material and the packaging size)
Volume Range (ml) 50-300
Bag Size (mm) (L):80-200mm (W):50-150mm
Sealing Model 3-side sealing, 4-side sealing/straight stripe,
straight reticulation, diagonal reticulation
Cutting Type Plain cut, Saw cut, False line (Saw) with continuous length cut
Max Power (KW) 2
Power Voltage (V) 220
Net Weight (Kg) 280
Outer Packing Size (mm) 980(L) x 680 (W) x 2050(H)
Packaging Materials Paper/PE, transparent paper/PE,
Al Foil/PE, PET/PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE and So on