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ZFL-400 Herbal Smashing Machine
Main Uses
The Model ZFL-400 series Chinese medicine smashed machines intergrated the supper and tiny smashing and smash efficiently, all-powerful smashing which are our latest reseaching products. In particulars used in hydration vegetable, melons and fruit, root and stalk, etc. This machine construction tightly packed, dismantle and mounting is convenience, low consumption, high-efficiency, also with elegant apperance.

Working Principle
Smashing the indorrs forepart is many razor blades, outside turn contain form flyback rim and moving cutter to constitute. When the materials enter into smashing indoors through hopper and end opening, the razor blade make high-speed revolving at the direction of direction of driver driver device, shearing and shocking between moving cutter and stopper cutter. The rear and of smashing indoors is screening parts. Smashing indoors' materials sieved by rating and grading at the leap of bleeze machine, attaining needing number.
Main Technical Parameters