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ZF Series Vibration Screen
The machine is produced with transferred advanced technology. It really solves several quite difficult problems which exist in ordinary screening, Materials with the property of multifiber, high viscosity or moisture. Silt or film-like which are easy to block mesh, it can pass machine has a lot of unique such as no vibration in operation state, low noises, low power consumption, seal and no dust, rational structure and it is convenient to maintain. It is an ideal equipment extensively used in various filed what like medicine, food, chemical industry metallurgy industry, electronic industry and etc.

Structure Principle
The machine is composed by three big parts:
Screen mesh box, vibration power and shock absorber. The vibration rack is connected with the screen box and is fixed by four-twelve groups of shock absorber mad by soft rubber produces centrifugal force. The shock absorber control the swing in order to throw. Vibrate and become flexible the materials for a certain of period, so the machine can carry out its best working performance.
Technical Parameters