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LWJ-650 Pill Drying Machine
Main Application
This new pill drying machine is specially designed and manufactured for pill production line. It is widely applied for pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical industry and food stuff industries. It is ideal for fast cooling down of the high temperature sterilized pills and tablets in the pill production line. It is the first choice for the automatic production line.

Work Principle
This machine is designed with double-layer roller. The inlet and outlet are put at the same end. The roller is net structured, with natural wind for cooling, in a closed condition. The cleaning is made by spraying. The speed of the roller is step-less adjustable. The materials enter the roller via the feeder. The materials are cooled down by the rolling for 8m. And then, they enter the next process via the outside outlet in normal temperature. And, the process finished at this stage.

Structural Features
This machine looks charming and beautiful. It is easy to operate to clean. The inner parts are made of stainless steel to ensure cleanliness, in line with the requirement of GMP Standard.
Main Technical Parameters