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LFJ-40B Absorb Dust Crusher
Main Uses:
This machinery mainly used to such weak-electric substances and high temperature-resident substances as chemical industry, medicine (Chinese medicine and medicine herbs), foodstuff, spice, resin powder-coating, etc.

Main Properties:
This machinery adopts windwheel-type high-speed revolving cutters to mill and shear the machine. This processing achieves excellent crushing effect and sift out crushing energy and finished products from screen mesh.The fineness of the crushing is adopting various screens.

Working Principle:
This machinery utilize the relative movement between the moving-gear and fixture gear. The materials wasted wasted pounded by dish, rub and material is each other pound but be smashed. The materials that smashed to leave the mental exertion through the function that revolve, automatic enter to catch to gathering bag. The powders are filtered through dust arrester-boxing. Adopted GMP standard to design, used with the stainless steel materials all, having no powder to float in the producting line. Now already international advanced level.
Main Technical Parameters