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  Shrink Wrap Machine
Fully Automatic Frontal Feeding
Sleeve Sealing & Shrinking Machine
Used in packing wood board, door panel product

  • ST6030X+SM-6040 fully Automatic sleeve wrapper which is special designed for packing over length floor board and overweight plasterboard products. The Max film width is up to 1600mm
  • Adopt special design sealing blade, so that the seal is firm, no crack and not easy to stick with blade
  • Adopt import touch screen. All kinds of touch settings and operations are easy to finished by touch screen
  • Adopt the unique straight design, the product length is unlimited
  • Adopt OMRON PLC program logical controller to carry out integrative omechanism/ electricity/ pneumatically
  • Compare with side feed-in machine, this machine has its advantage of the speed and connection
  • Adopt special design sealing blade, so that the seal is firm, no crack and not easy to stick with blade
  • The imported durable conveying belt increase the conveying speed controlled by a transducer
  • When sealing, the end is match press arm device for packing light goods, not easy to displacement
  • SM-6040 adopts double blowing motor to keep airwind dissipated evenly in the tunnel. So that can achieve the better effect after shrinking
  • Feeding by poles chain which selects solid steel pole covered by imported silica gel, durable and bearable high intention for long time use
  • Adopt transducer control the conveying speed. Step less
  • Using imported heat insulating curtain both at the entrance and exit of tunnel to reduce wasting of heat energy
Model ST-6030X SM-6040S/SM
Machine dimension L x W x H (mm) 2014 x 1488 x 1850 2400 x 900 x 1690
Tunnel dimension L x W x H (mm) / 1500 x 600 x 400
Max packing size L x W x H (mm) L unlimited W + H⋜150 1300 x 400 x 300
Sealing blade length (mm) 700 /
Temperature of blade (°C) 0-200 0-400
Height of work table (mm) 850±50 850±50
Speed of packing (pcs/min) 8-20 15-20
Net weight (kg) 600 500/550
Power (kw) 1.8 20
Power supply 3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz 3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Air pressure (kb/cm²) 6-8 /
Applicable film PE PE