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  Shrink Wrap Machine
Flow Wrapping, Sealing & Shrinking Machine
Applicable for food stuff, daily commodity, pharmaceuticals, Hardware, Chemicals, Long tubing material, Aluminum profile, Jar shape product, and so on

  • Imported PLC program control
  • Advance operator interface controls various packaging request
  • Much less waste film than normal seal and shrink packager
  • Product's Length unlimited
  • Provide flexible feeding system as per customer needs
  • Advance continuous motion servo system ensures stable sealing effect in high speed operation
  • Photo electric detection with double way track eliminates packaging deviation and avoids material waste
  • New side sealer work with low temperature, prevent burns on film
  • Adjustable bag forming device set suitable length for different products
  • Special side seal design save 1/4 waste film of traditional machine, reduce waste and save cost
  • Modular design with optional electrostatic static electricity seal function, wrap products without waste film
  • SM-2020 top of tunnel can be opened to show any abnormal packaging process
  • Special for shrink wrapping small products in high speed
  • New type heating mode and uniform wind channel design ensures smooth wrapped product surface without crease
Model FL-5545TBI SM-2020
Machine dimension L x W x H (mm) 4140 x 1130 x 1400 2000 x 838 x 1480
Tunnel dimension L x W x H (mm) / 1600 x 330 x 160
Max packing size (mm) L unlimited W + H⋜150 500 x 200 x 150
Sealing size L (mm) 350 /
Packing speed (pcs/min)
Conveyor speed (m/min)
0-180 0-20M
Net weight (kg) 550 400
Power (kw) 3 9.8
Power supply 3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz 3PH 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Applicable film POF POF