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  Strapping & Wrapping Machine
APM8060C Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Rapid speed: 2.18sec/per cycle, 30cycles/per min
  • Easy Maintenance: No Greasing, Mechanism is stable and durable, Easy operation
  • Tension Adjustment: Can be adjustable at well, Max. Tension is over 90kgs
  • Precision Structure: Main machine's component is made of aluminum alloy. Control System is compatible
  • Add on a safety device, built for 24 hrs continuous operation
  • Easy loading or unloading: To load or unload the strapping roll is convenient due to the dispenser is placed outside
  • Extensive applications: Can be independent operation or combine with other machines for unmanned
  • Electric appliance adopted: "MITSUBISHI" PLC control, and "ORMON" photoelectric switch control(AP8060)
  • Optional: any arch size
Model APM8060C
Strapping Tension 40-600N adjustable
Strapping Speed 2.18Sec./Strap
Strap Width 9, 12, 15mm
Power Supply 380V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 0.5KVA
Machine Size 1750 x 660 x 1340mm
Machine Weight 180kg