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  Sealing Machine
PFS-P350/P450/P600 Pedal Sealer
Printer Model
There are two kinds of pedal sealers: impules sealer and direct heatsealer, impulse sealer is suitable for sealing is suitable for sealing polyvinyl cgloride, polyethylene bags. Direct heat sealer is suit-able for sealing cellophone, aluminium foil, copper foil, tin foil and polystyrene compound bags and heat prints the production date and expiration date in the seal. The temperature is electronically controlled Easy to be adjusted and stably controlled.
Model PFS-P350 PFS-P450 PFS-P600
Power 600W 800W 1000W
Sealing length 350mm 450mm 600mm
Sealing width 2-5mm 2-5mm 2-5mm
Machine size 450 x 150 x 920mm 550 x 520 x 920mm 700 x 570 x 920mm
Machine weight 25kg 27kg 30kg