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  Multihead Weigher & Weighing Machine
TY-XM1L8.0 Linear Weigher
It is suitable for weighing of granule, such as cereal, seed, coffee beans, nuts, etc. it is also suitable for non-food industry such as screws, bolts and plastic components.

Material characteristics:
  • Amplitude can be adjusted freely and individually in running status, more friendly HMI.
  • Multi-Language Operating Interface.
  • Mouse, USB and SD card compatible with touch screen.

Machine layout:
  • Modular electronic system makes maintenance easier and at lowest cost.
  • Different authority managements, more user-friendly.
  • HMI program can be upgraded by U-disk.
Model TY-XM1L8.0
Weighing Range 25~3000g
Weighing Accuracy ±1~5g
Max. Weighing Speed 10~15WPM
Hopper Capacity 8.0L
Operation Panel 7 inch touch screen
Control system MCU
Power Supply AC220V/110V ±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Packing Dimension 1200(L) x 752(W) x 1990(H) mm
Gross Weight 220kg
Optional Devices Dimple plate / 10 inch touch screen/Teflon paint