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  Multihead Weigher & Weighing Machine
TY-FM3x8 8 Head High Speed Fresh Prduct Combination Scale
Material characteristics:
  • Chili seeds and other ingredient are sticky and greasy, weigher's accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
  • Target weight is small, and unit piece not equal weight.
  • Sticky and greasy surface of material and worse running ability.

Application and features:
  • Arc scraper mechnical design, effectively solve the problem of weighing of oily products like Aberdeen fish, beef jerky, beancurd strip etc.
  • Scraping door insures the products drop clean and without remains.
  • Screw driving system, to ensure feeding material average to each hopper.
  • Material collection at the end of PVC conveyor with a scraper.
  • Easy install and disassembly the hoppers and feeding parts, so as to keep clean and maintenance; With IP65 water proof and dustproof design.
Model TY-FM3x8
Weighing Range 25~500g*n
Weighing Accuracy ±0.5~2g
Max. Weighing Speed 60WPM
Hopper Capacity 0.5L (1.0L)
Operation Panel 7 inch touch screen
Control System MCU
Power Supply AC220V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz 0.8KW
Packing Dimension 2550(L) x 850(W) x 1770(H)mm
Net Weight 198KG
Packing Weight 230KG