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YYH Series Tumbling Mixer
This is a new kind of mixing equipment with high efficiency and simple structure which was improved by our company. It mades powder mixed. This machine is easy to clean up, fully meeting "GMP" demand of pharmacentical trade.

Application and Characteritics
  • This machine is suitable for mixing powder, granule materials in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, dyestuff industry, chemical fertilize industry, agrochemicals industry, etc;
  • Simple structure, convenient operation;
  • When operation, the barrel loaded material will make rotating motion around central shaft (i. e. So called single dimension motion mixer), nevertheless material inside the barrel will make three-dimensional motion. Therefore the mixing accuracy of material can be compared with two-dimensional mixer and three-dimensional mixer.
Technical Parameters
Notes: The above capacity is calculated based on specific gravity of powder 0.5g/cm³.