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SYH Series Three Dimensional Mixer
Working Principle
Driven by the driving shaft, the barrel with the materials loaded performs cycling compund movements of translation and tumbling, which make the materials move annularly, radially and axially in the body, thus achieving mutual flow, spread, accumulation and mixing of materials for the purpose of fully mixing.

Application and Characteritics
  • The mixers are suitable for mixing powder and granulate materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light industrial, electronic, machinery, mining, metallurgical and national defence industrials, featuring high evenness mixing.
  • Because the mixing barrel moves in multiple directions, there is no centrifugal force acting on the materials, as well as no phenomena of gravity segregation, laminaton and accumulation of materials so that the mixing rate can be up to 99.9 percent for the materials with big diffrence in terms of specific gravity. Therefore, it is an ideal product currently compared with other various mixers.
  • The barrel has high loading rate (max 80 percent,however, only 40 percent for the conventional mixers), so that it features high efficient and short mixing time.
  • The barrel transitional radius everywhere, which has been superfinished.
Notes: The above capacity is calculated based on specific gravity of powder 0.5g/cm³.