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  Drying & Sterilizing Oven
WHZ Series Microwave Revolving Vacuum Dryer
Working Principle:
Under the condition of vacuum, material put on the hanging shelf made revolving motion will absorb the energy of microwave and make moisture inside material evaporate quickly under low temperature state and reach to the purpose of dry.

Besides advantages of microwave heating dry, such as quick heating speed, high thermal efficiency, 100% of material recovery, it has the following advantages too:
  • Because of drying at low temperature, it is suitable for drying thermal sensitive materials;
  • Because of material making revolving motion, the energy of microwave received by material is constant basically and the drying speed and content of material is same basically. It avoids the phenomenon, i.e. some materials are too dry and carbonization but the others are not dry.
  • Its structure is compact and it occupies small area;
  • The inner wall of container is smooth and does not exist dead corner and is easy to clean and conforms to the requirement of "GMP".

Can suitable for drying material with different shapes and moisture. For drying all kinds of Chinese traditional medicine pill, it has low energy consumption and high output. Compared with helicoids vibration fluidized bed and plane vibration fluidized bed, its energy consumption will be 1/3 only. For extractive cream (particularly extractive cream of Chinese traditional medicine), it is an ideal drying equipment. Compared with special spraying drier of extractive cream of Chinese traditional medicine, its energy consumption will be 1/5 and the recovery rate of material will be 100% and its occupied area will be 1/3 of other drying equipment.
Technical Parameters