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  Drying & Sterilizing Oven
WDG Series Microwave Belt Type Drying & Sterilizing Oven
Working Principle:
Use microwave produced by microwave generator to carry out heating material selectively and activate water molecule in material or menstruum that can receive microwave energy and makes it to heat and evaporate and reaches to the purpose of drying material and sterilization.

  • Quick heating speed, short drying time, good uniformity;
  • Energy saving, high effective, without additional thermal loss, high thermal efficiency;
  • Easy to control, flexible and convenient operation, adjustable power of microwave and transmission speed, it is safe and reliable high technology product;
  • Without powder dust pollution, easy to clean, conforms to the requirement of "GMP";
  • High recovery rate of material.

Suitable for drying and sterilizing of powder, granule, flake, strip, etc material in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and foodstuff industry, etc. and also for drying cream material.
Safety: before delivery, each machine should be tested strictly and the leakage amount of microwave is lower than the requirement of Gb: 1mw/cm.
Technical Parameters