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  Drying & Sterilizing Oven
GM100 Dry Heat Aseptic Oven
In "GMP" management in pharmaceutical and medical industries, the aseptic and eliminating heat source demand in medicines their contacting utensils will be more and higher.

The company has painstakingly designed and careful developed GMP 100 series dry heat aseptic (eliminating heat source) oven (device) on the basis of long accumulation of practical experiences in designing and making various electric heating aseptic oven, digestion and absorption of advantages of overseas similar products and combination of our national condition. This device is in conformity with requirement of FDA, GMP and 209E, US Federal Standard, thus providing believable helps for the pharmaceutical industry at home in GMP reform and FDA proof.

  • To take electric energy as heat source (dry heat), it may long asepticize under the tuer of 250~C, thus providing a reliable guarantee for elimination of heat source.
  • Working temperature is controlled by designed program or PLC (programmable logic controller) (according to request) and temperature at tow internal points will be recorded automatically;
  • High effective air filters are mounted at both air inlet and outlet to prevent the outside from polluting the inside of oven.
  • Internal circulating hot air is filtered through high temperature and high effective air filter, thus guaranteeing that the hot air entering into effective space will reach grade 100 in clean requirement;
  • Double gates at two different clean areas are controlled by electrical appliance or PLC computer, this ensuring the isolating between various clean areas and preventing accidents occurring as disoperation results in unsatisfaction of GMP requirements;
  • This device meets our GMP specification, Version 98 in design. Its palls & components are all made up of imported stainless steel and welded using argon are welding. No dead corners and sharp edges exist in its interior. The surface of its external wall should be passivated as low gloss and the surface of its internal wall be polished accurately:
  • GMP verification interface should be retained on the device.
Technical Parameters