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  Drying & Sterilizing Oven
GGD Series High Vacuum Dryer
High vacuum
Limiting vacuum (absolute air pressure) at idle: 1.3~13Pa (0.01~0.1torr)

High clean
This drier is all made up of "304" or "316" materal and its surface shall been worn fiat or polished. It may be used in the clean workshop grade 100 and its part also used in the clean workshop grade 100, this the special isolated plate must be provided.

Quick dry at low temperature
The solvent is very easy to be vaporized or sublimated under vacuum.

Domestic pioneer drier
The series products are modelled on overseas similar ones and meticulously designed & manufactured combined with the features and specificaftions of parts & conponents made at home, so its price is only 10% of price for similar product imported from abroad.
Technical Parameters