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  Drying & Sterilizing Oven
FL Series Fluidizing Granulating Dryer
  • Contacted with materials all parts are made up of stainless steel
  • Seated using silastic gas-filled sealing ring.
  • Able to control granular size by means of two-flow spraying gun.
  • Able to finish mixture, granulation and drying in the same sealed container thanks to rapid & high effective operation, thus preventing powder from fly up, leakage and pollution.
  • The upper top and lower bottom of the machine are all butterfly seal joints which are beautiful in shape, small in air resistance, clean, easy to be washed, have no dead comer and are in conformity with requirements of GMP.

This drier is applicable for the mixture, granulation and drying of powder materials.It is widely used in the fields of medicine, foodstuff, chemical, light industry, etc and is one of the granulating drier adopted extensively in the world at present.

Working Principle:
Powder materials fed into hopper sealed container will form a suspending & fluidizing state and flow circularly owing to hot air steam action so as to reach to be uniformly mixed, and then fog type adhesive is sprayed to lubricate/wet powder inside the container, making powder to be condensed as small porous grains and finished grains, that is to say, due to high effective drying & continuous vaporized moisture on continuous condensed powder under hot air-steam action, ideal, uniform and porous ball-shaped grains will be formed in the container at three operation of mixture, granulation and drying finished a time, namely"One Step Granulating".
Technical Parameters