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  Drying & Sterilizing Oven
CHG Series Penetrating Air Stream Oven
Sketch of Model CHG-I Oven
The air steam passes through the surface of raw material only in traditional level chamber drier. The disadvantage is that the coefficient of heat transfer is low and the utilization factor is poor and the drying time are so long. Moreover because of the defect of structure, it can not be in comformity with the requirements of 'GMP'. In order to overcome the shortcoming, we designed and developed the penetrating air steam box type drier on the basis of absorbing abroad advanced technology. The principle of work is shown in the figure listed below:
The fresh air is sucked through fan and then filter through primary, secondary and high efficiency. Therefore the purification reaches to one hundred thousand grades. Though steam heat exchanger, the temperature of air is raised to certain temperature. The heated air is purified through filter again and then flows to every layer through left glow divider. It makes the hot air pass through the raw material to be dried evenly. The damp air is sucked from the inclined air channel under the drying tray. Parts of damp air are exhausted out off the oven through centrifuge fan and the other is circled and heated still. In this way the purpose can be realized.
  • Because the hot air of each circle is filtered through sub-high or high efficiency filter, it can avoid effectively that the carried raw material in the air is deteriorated and polluted during the period of recycling and reheating. It is in conformity with the requirements of "GMP" fully.
  • Compared with advection type oven, the dry capacity of penetrating flow oven is higher. The thickness of raw material to be dried is more than three times.
  • The dry area is large and the efficiency is high. Compared with level flow type oven, the capacity is more than 3-6 times. The cost is lower.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of raw materials with the shape of granule or block drying.
  • It is easy in operation and quick in clean and exchange and low in trouble.
  • There are air filters at inlet and outlet .Therefore the dried raw materals can not be polluted and the quality of raw materials to be dried can not be damaged.
  • The heat source may be steam or electric heater.
Technical Parameters