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  Carton Sealer
AS723 Automatic Carton Corner Sealer
  • This set is a foursquare one-unit series. It can be combined with other shaped taping machine to operate (I-shaped automatically carton sealing)
  • Transmission design, operate by upper and lower transmission box affixed with sealed carton
  • Within carton specification, normalize the same carton based on the same packing sheet, finish by manual adjustment for specification change (just 1 minute for adjustment)
  • On-line process adopt L type forward push steering
  • Machine parts are precise and durable, with long operating life
  • Guarantee more artificial stickers with beauty, fast speed, and high efficiency
Model AS723
Conveyor Speed 6~10boxes/min.
Max. Packager Size L500 x W500 x H500 mm
Min. Packager Size L320 x W200 x H180 mm
Power Supply 220V/380V, 1∮-3∮, 50-60Hz
Width of Tape 48mm, 60mm, 75mm
Use Gas Source 6kg, f/cm2-150nl/min
Machine Size L1900 x W1130 x H1530mm
Machine Weight 380kg