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  Carton Sealer
AS723 Automatic Carton Corner Sealer
The system consists of carton erector & bottom sealer, automatic carton sealer, automatic strapping machine, 90 degree push conveyor and conveying frame, which has the function of continuous automatic carton open-bottom seal-fill-uppen seal and multi-belt strapping, and it not only takes up less room but also reduces the packing cost as well. It is full automatic control and reliable working, convenient operation and simple maintenance while, all machine can be used separately.

  • More Longer Motor-drive Roller Conveyor
  • Automatic Belt-drive Strapping Machine
  • Automatic Palletizer
  • Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

  • CES5050 Carton Erector & Bottom Sealer 1unit
  • RCM/D Motor-drive Roller Conveyor 1unit
  • AFB Automatic Carton Filler
  • FX-AT5050 Automatic Top Flap Carton Sealer 1unit
  • AP8060B Automatic Strapping Machine With Belt-drive 1unit
  • RC1M/V 90 Degree Push Conveyor 1unit
  • RC2M/D Belt-drive Roller Conveyor 1unit
  • AP8060C Automatic Strapping Machine 1unit
  • RC2M Non-drive Roller Conveyor